study for cfa level 1 in 3 months: How to Prepare for CFA Level 1 Exam 2022? Preparation Tips & tricks


Revision and practising questions from different sources should be a key part of your preparation. I would suggest you do Ethics towards the end as it involves memorization of different rules and cases. But, if you want to pass the exam on the first attempt, try to invest at least 360+ hours or 140 days in studying plus practicing. Only your diligence can help you achieve success on the CFA Level 1 Exam. If you follow a standard study plan, stick to a preparation calendar, and carefully read theSubjects of CFA Level 1.You can swiftly bag an attractive score in the CFA Level 1 exam.

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Practicing prepares you to answer questions in their given time and also gives you an experience as to what kind of questions are asked and in what fashion are they asked. Solve as many mocks and question banks as you can and more importantly go through the answers of the questions you answered wrong and understand the concept behind them. This way you will never make the same mistake twice and remember things much better as opposed to reading them. After graduation, candidates who want to work as chartered financial analysts should take the CFA course. Candidates frequently misunderstand the terms CFA, CA, and MBA. We’ll compare the CFA course to the CA and MBA courses in the next section based on similar criteria to see which offers better career prospects and outcomes.

Remember, you have about 182 days to get through 3000 pages of CFA study material, and you need to keep a certain period of time to go over, revise and quiz yourself about older topics. The idea is to be self-aware and vigilant, with the entirety of your focus on the task ahead of you. First, your foundation gets super strong which can help you learn all the subsequent not so easy topics sooner. Therefore, it is always a good idea to push yourself in the last few months and compound your progress, instead of first few. Apart from the eligibility criteria, CFA as a course demands perseverance, focus and systematic planning. Passing the CFA Level 1 exam, which has a 42% pass rate over the last decade, requires following a solid study plan.


Excel is the single most important tool used in Corporate World, we thereby ensure students have practical skills and implementation of Financial concepts in Excel . IFM from VGSoM might provide you with some concepts given in Corporate Finance. The amount of information that you are digesting before the exam can overwhelm you. A study by the University of Chicago revealed that writing about your exam fears before taking it helps you to score better. A study by the University of Colorado too showed similar results.

The level II exam will be offered in February and August, and the level III in May and November. Keeping this and the hours break up above in mind, one should meticulously plan his/her preparations for the exam. Mind maps, flowcharts and ratio sheets in your past-time. These are the whole kit and caboodle needed for cracking CFA level 1 exam with flying results.

The results are announced 60 days after the examination date. No you cannot as, candidates are not allowed to appear for adjacent windows. So we can directly appear for the examination in August.

  • The solely method to prep for this is through practicing and training underneath a time constraint.
  • As soon as you register for the exams, you get a free Ebook from the CFA Institute.
  • Now that you’ve conquered this first milestone, you might be wondering if it could assist you to in your profession.

Also, the fees structure has benefits if you are looking for applying level 1 and level 2. Level I CFA® Exam dates are scheduled usually in the month of June and December. But owing to the current conditions due to the pandemic, the June 2020 exams have been postponed. The December 2020 Level I CFA exams are scheduled to happen on 6th December 2020 in India and other countries in the APAC region. The exams will be conducted in the month of February, May, August, and November starting from 2021. There will be no paper-based exams from 2021, and all students will have to compulsorily opt for computer-based exams.

Simple Steps To Crack Level I CFA® Exam: Last Minute Exam Preparation Tips

This helps to tap those unproductive hours of the day when you can’t sit and focus on your studies, like travelling, lunch breaks, etc. Mind maps and flow charts come handy in last minute revisions as well. Study with the sense of doing questions and clearing exams.

6 Simple Strategies for Crushing the Financial Analyst Exam – eLearningInside News

6 Simple Strategies for Crushing the Financial Analyst Exam.

Posted: Tue, 23 Aug 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Do Not Ignore Ethics- Skipping Ethics is a very common mistake candidates make in their level 1 but it is only after the exam they realize the importance of the subject CFA puts. Keep the subject aside for the last couple of days as it is mainly theory and requires a lot of mugging up. Guidance from your Seniors-Always seek counsel from your senior who have cleared CFA or the level for which you are studying. This gives you insights as to how did they prepare and where did they face issues. This gives a real hand experience and hence better equips you with the understanding of the exam. No, the changes did not affect the preparation for the level 1 exam as the topic-wise weightage remains the same.

Online Courses

The end-of-chapter questions can help you revise the study and track your progress. Also, answerCFA Sample Questions Level 1to improve the weak areas. Sailing through exams for professional courses has never been easy.

It also dives into depths of security market indices and efficiency of markets. It includes overview of equity as an asset class & finally gives an overview of Equity valuations. Derivatives and Risk Management Course by Prof. Prabina Rajib in VGSoM can be opt for to gain more knowledge in Derivatives.


Clearly, if you are embarking on this journey, a structured study plan which is executed with consistency and dedication can aid in sailing through it smoothly. Additionally, during this juncture of time which is hit by global pandemic, two more attributes of patience and calmness will act as the best adhesive. It is advisable, by the time you get to the final month, you should have spent an enormous time on both learning and revision of CFA topics.

study for cfa level 1 in 3 months for the CFA exam itself increases your knowledge to the next level. Jobaaj Learnings offer the best in class industry-focused programs to students. We are the pioneer of a personalized micro-learning education model in India. Follow this schedule, then you might score exemption [60+] in law and Audit as this time, we have 30 Marks MCQ, giving students the potential to score full marks in the MCQs Portion. Now you can pick up the other 1 practical & 1 Theory Subject together so that you can complete your full syllabus by the end of April.

You’ve decided you’re ready to take on the problem of the CFA® examination and become a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®). If you are just now starting to study for the Level 1 CFA exam, this guide can help you successfully prepare for the exam in three months. At this point, you will probably need at least hours of study per week, and more as the test date approaches.

A CFA degree is extremely valuable because it is the highest qualification in the investment finance industry. The CFA course fees in India are not a fixed fee and can vary according to the level students are opting for and many other factors. The general range of the CFA fees in India is INR LPA. Some of the factors that affect the CFA fees are reputation, location, competitiveness, and institute faculty. According to studies, passing the CFA level 1 exam requires 303 hours a year.


With such a daunting challenge, the question becomes is it worth it to become a CFA charterholder? The Level I CFA® Program probably has the least ratio of students passing compared to other levels. While this might very well be a result of sheer of number of applicants, in no way should this be considered not a daunting task. The sheer amount of material you have to get through, about 3000 pages across CFA textbooks and study material, the mission is not that simple. But, the thing is, it is manageable if planned accordingly. Starting in 2021, the CFA level I exam will be offered in February, May, August, and November.

“The CFA exams have destroyed my mental health” – eFinancialCareers (US)

“The CFA exams have destroyed my mental health”.

Posted: Mon, 17 Jan 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source] should prepare a study strategy such that they get enough time to prepare all the topics and practice well using mock tests before the Level 1 CFA exam date. As level 1 of CFA was focused more on basic knowledge about the topics on the valuation of investments and tools related to it. CFA Level 2 is all about applying these concepts in real life. This exam mainly covers investment management and portfolio concepts of it. Level 2 of CFA is a bit difficult, and you have to gain and study complete practical knowledge of private companies, commodities, equities, listed securities and also rental properties. Corporate finance, equity, fixed income, derivatives, alternative investments, and portfolio management will be covered in the second session.

These rates and score will keep on changing year to year depending on changes in curriculum activities. CFA exams are valuable, and you need complete focus on it. And, level 2 of CFA needs comprehensive analysis and discussion. It is a major component of the examination at all three levels. In borderline cases , it is even considered by the CFAI as a differentiating factor to determine if a candidate passes or fails.






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