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Let us bring you the happiness of realizing your brewing dream, you will get a different experience from working with us, let us work together to realize your brewing dream.

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Our factory has a strict quality control system. Each of the shipments of our order will have 5 inspection steps from materials checking, production process, jacket pressure testing, equipment packing, and loading, finished product leaking testing, etc. When there are any problems, it’s easier to keep a record and solve the issues quickly. Every one of our tanks will have a data plate with the pressure testing record and serial numbers to track.


The shipping department will work out the checking list and pack them in a wooden box, you will receive a checking list with everything we shipped. All tank ports with a plastic cover to prevent dust; Tanks on cradle must be secured with bolts. The cradle and tanks will be fixed inside the container by bolts and steel wires. After shipping, we will have the completed loading pictures and checking list with all parts pictures provided.


We have a standard and perfect after-sales service process. Firstly our goal is to make sure the quality in advance to save after-sale time, meanwhile, if any issues happen, we use the fastest efficiency to solve for customers, no matter sending replacement or repair cost. We have a special after-sale group responsible for this after-sale work online, solves issues, and sends things clients need directly


Micet Group is a China-Canada Cooperative Leading Brewery equipment manufacturer by building distribution and partnership system and dedicated serving for the global brewing market, specialized in the research, development, production and overseas sales. We focus on high-end product line and insist on craftsman spirit, perform strict quality control and process testing in production to ensure that customers have good expectations for equipment and on-time delivery. Micet is on its way to be global bench-marking company, our superb craftsmanship and innovative capabilities have attracted customers from a few of countries and regions around the world to cooperate.

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The greatest support and the most Professional Service
The greatest support and the most Professional Service


Micet has the capacity and experience to manufacture brewing equipment for some of the small, medium and big sized breweries. We bring the same attention to detail to the craft brewing industry, offering the same great quality and efficiency at affordable pricing. Whether you’re opening a new brewery or expanding an existing facility, we pride ourselves on providing breweries with turnkey solutions, and offer a full line of brewing systems, tanks and packaging equipment.

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One of the most important decisions a potential new brewery can make is to come to visit our engineers and salespeople to discuss their needs. Our staff can answer all of your design and engineering questions, as well as go into detail.

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